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Things You Never Knew About Wedding Pictures

Scotland wedding photographerWhat do you know about wedding photographers? It’s normal for people to not realize several things about wedding pictures that they need to pay attention to until they need it themselves. You might not even expect some of them!

Knowing about these will help you in closing a better deal for yourself with a Scotland wedding photographer later on.

Professional Photographers Are Rare

The first thing you need to know is that it’s not easy to find a wedding photographer that will not disappoint you. There are many wedding photographers out there who scream the word professional, but work based on how much they are paid. This isn’t the kind of photographer you want.

It takes time, but if you plan early, you will have enough time to meet, analyze and make the right decision on your photographer.

You have less time than you thought

Always be reminded that there are also other couples looking for the right photographer for them. The chance of you having the same date is low but getting married in the same week is pretty high. Wedding photographers don’t work for days on straight. Once to twice a week is the most one can do in a busy week.

Booking early will save you the pain of having to make do with people that you don’t really like. That’s why planning early is important. Yet, it’s not supposed to be pressuring you to make your choice without carefully thinking about it.

Wedding albums vs. books

You can always consult about this with your photographer and printing company. Basically, albums are the higher-end option and books are the cheaper, more affordable options. Any Scotland wedding photographer, like will tell you that a wedding album is better for a good reason.

They are more expensive but also extremely durable compared to wedding books. Pages can fall off in books, but the handmade process in wedding albums make it strong enough for them to stay intact for centuries ahead. Although, if all you need is a temporary wedding pictures collection, the book would be a better choice. The price of an album can cost up to 3-4 times a wedding book.

You don’t own your pictures

Another shocking news. We are not joking about this one as the regulation states that copyright of a picture goes to the person who took the picture regardless of who’s inside the picture or the owner of the camera used. That means although those wedding pictures don’t have a single face of the photographer, you’re not the owner of them.

You physically own the copies, but not the copyrights. Meaning, you can show the photos to people, but not sell it, or post it online without the photographer’s permission. Troublesome, but most photographers are willing to discuss it if you really want to have the rights.

You can restrict the use of those pictures

Even though you’re not the owner, those faces are still yours. You have all the rights to tell your photographer to not use them for any purposes without your consent. A Scotland wedding photographer is bound to obey this regulation.

It can also become a good bargain for your rights. For example, you can allow the use of them if they are willing to put a discount on the pictures copyrights (which are usually quite expensive).