Professional Wedding Photographer: Garnering the Asian Market

Indian wedding photographyWedding photography itself is divided into several target markets based on cultural value. It’s heavily split between Asian and Western market and both definitely have different taste and value in seeing wedding pictures. While westerns tend to see quality of pictures from the visual aesthetics, Asians, especially those in Indian wedding photography consider every part of traditions as important. The pictures must contain all the traditions that are involved.

And here you are, looking forward into appealing the Asian couples for your wedding photography business. It’s not simple but let us tell you why it’ll be easier to do after reading this.

Capture everything

Asians do their work based on relationship. If you have never worked with one before, you might not realize how true this is. That is also why they see it important to film everything of their wedding and capture pictures of the guests entering the wedding hall. Why? To show that they appreciate every guest that comes to the party. It’s just become the tradition/norm.

You might meet more Asians who have a western-like thinking, but don’t forget that aside from the couples, you also have to deal with the parents!


Whatever the parents wish for, the children may have to comply. If they want their photographer to be so, you cannot reply with a question of whether their children will like it. If that’s what they want, you definitely want to say that you can do it, or they’ll walk out of it.

Parents hold almost absolute power in their decisions, although this is a rare case. Most of the time, they can influence, but cannot deal as much as canceling the contract or demanding ridiculous requests if their children don’t like it. That’s also how it is with Indian wedding photography. A photographer who’s professional in this from had the experience as well.

Know what they don’t like

It’s better to know what ticks people off rather than what they like. Even if you don’t get to appeal that much, at least you should not annoy them. For example, is there any traditions where photography is not allowed? Which part of the event should you take pictures of the most? What’s the taboo regarding a photographer in a wedding?

If you don’t know the answers, you can always ask the couple or do your own research in this case. It takes time, but that’s the truth if you want to appeal to the Asian or Indian target market. They expect you to at least know the basic of things.

Make sure of everything

As opposed to westerners, these people like it better if you don’t ask them too many questions. Of course, it depends on whether they have western thinking about it. But even so, if there’s something that you are not sure about, you must ask them. You better annoy them with questions than infuriate them with fatal mistakes!

Dealing with Asian counterparts can be troublesome if you are not friendly with them. So, our last, but most important piece of advice is be a friend! They are more tolerable, understanding and flexible when dealing with people they like even in Asian or Indian wedding photography.

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