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Reasons Why A Wedding Photographer Shoots In RAW

Professional option

raw photographyA professional wedding photographer shoots in RAW simply because of the fact that it is the professional option. Quality should always be at the very top of your priority list and filming in RAW can give you exactly that. You get to have access to a wide range of color space outputs, white balance, and a bunch of other editing options only made available to you if you shoot in RAW and in no other format. RAW files record the info that is directly shot from the sensor of the camera. It means that anything and everything that has to do with the images us saved and pretty much kept on file as well. This puts the quality of your images leap years ahead of the other formats out there and that is why RAW should always be your first choice compared to anything else out there.

Efficient workflow

You get to establish an efficient workflow if you shoot in RAW. This is priceless to any wedding photographer who is worth his salt. You will be working with a very small time window the moment the wedding is done. You will have to go over all of the images and touch them up, fix any issues, and arrange them in such a sequence wherein they will all make sense when they are bring brought together at some point or so. RAW files are extremely efficient to work with especially if you pair them up with really powerful software such as Lightroom and Aperture. An efficient workflow can spell the difference between you making the timetable right on schedule and disappointing your clients because you have under delivered in the entire process. You will be able to edit photos fast and to get things together in the smallest amount of time.

Better prints

A wedding photographer can get better prints when he shoots in RAW. A lot of people might think that going after images that can produce better prints is a bit overrated but that really is not the case. Clients still appreciate good looking prints at the end of the day. RAW images prevent issues like banding, clipped shadows, blown highlights, and so on that can result to undesirable looking pictures in print. RAW images can offer out the finest gradation possible. That can only spell out good news for your pictures once you get to the point of wanting to produce them one way or the other. a lot of people are still pretty old school when it comes to this particular issue. Even the more modern couples out there still appreciate the sentiments of good looking physical wedding photo albums at the end of the day.

Non-destructive editing

You will also enjoy non-destructive editing when your images are in RAW. Other formats in the market will automatically save the newly edited version. This means that your original image is lost forever the moment that you make an editing mistake. This will never get to happen if you shoot your images in RAW because this particular kind of format.